Following discussion at the General Body Meeting in the 2011 annual convention regarding the need to systematically preserve the nostalgia of yesteryears at AIIMS and of the past AOA conventions etc., an Archives Committee was formed. The work (in progress) of that Committee led to the creation of this Archives section, which contains selected articles e.g., the birth of AOA, nurturing of AOA, pre-AOA publications by the first settlers in the U.S., snapshots of the bygone annual conventions, tribute to some past Directors of AIIMS, other historical info etc. Reminiscences of yesteryears at AIIMS are included in the exciting project “Kissay Aiims Ke” (work in progress). Several aiimsonians contributed to the archival material, now and in the past; we thank them all.

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of all archival items posted here. If you spot any in-accuracy, or have any suggestions or comments, please contact the Archives Committee. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy visiting the Archives pages (work in progress).

— Archives Committee (2011)


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