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– – Archives Committee, AOA (formed 2011):
Kusum Kumar M.D. (class of 1966), Chairperson
Dhirendra Bana M.D. (class of 1959)
Satish Lal M.D. (class of 1959)
Madhu Sudan M.D. (class of 1967)
Vinay Chaudhry M.D. (class of 1975)
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Year of entryLastFirstTopicOriginal Post Date
1956TellisVivianThe end of the beginning2013
1957KapurMohan LalReminiscences of AIIMS2013
1959BanaDhirendra S.William Singh2012
1959BanaDhirendra S.Hounds of Yusuf Sarai2012
1959LalSatishIn Honor of Dr. Sankaran2012
1962SidhuGurdeep S.In honor of Dr Ramalingaswami2012
19627th BatchFrom 7th batch souvenir7th Batch ka kissa 2012
1962Bala and WadhwaMani and RamReflections on a Golden Jubilee2012
1962Bala ManiHistory of AIIMS Gymkhana Club & Swimming Pool2012
1962KumarAshirA knock on the door2012
1966KumarKusumA bag full of ‘S’es 2012
1967BewtraChhandaChills and rigors2012
1967SudanMadhuRecollections on a Revolution 2012
1970VermaNarayanSweet encounters2012
1975AdityanjeeAdityanThe man and his wig2012


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