Call for Kisse

To all aiimsonians, no matter how senior or how junior. Don’t be left out, contribute your “kissa”;  please send it to the AOA Archives Committee Chair at   [email protected]
This is on behalf of the AOA Archives Committee formed in 2011 that’s been working on its task of putting together AOA-related archives of various kinds. One of the exciting items we’re working on is to collect anecdotes (kissays) of interest from AIIMS yesteryears (all yrs you spent at AIIMS) from all aiimsonians. This email is a request  to send in your  story. Some criteria for this:
  1. Anything of general interest. May include relevant photos, if any
  2. May be humorous, intellectual, thought provoking, something that struck you  most at AIIMS …. etc (you get the idea)
  3. May relate to your favorite faculty, dept, residents, students, building, hostel life ….. etc.
  4. May be a “Then & Now” story – contrasting what you see now vs. what you saw then at AIIMS
  5. May be about your most memorable day at AIIMS
  6. Brief, preferably ~350 words.
  7. One story per person.
  8. Nothing that might be personally embarrassing to anyone. Please keep in mind this is for posterity, and is going to be posted on the aoa website.
Give it some thought, then write your story and send to me at  [email protected]   ASAP.  Pl feel free to let me know of any thoughts/ suggestions/ques  that you may have about this project.

Looking forward to receiving “Kissay Aiims ke” (KAKE) from everyone.

Thank you
Kusum Kumar ([email protected])

on behalf of  Archives Committee, AOA :
Kusum Kumar M.D. (class of 1966), Chairperson
Dhirendra Bana M.D. (class of 1959)
Satish Lal  M.D. (class of 1959)
Madhu Sudan M.D. (class of 1967)
Vinay Chaudhry M.D. (class of 1975)


The “Kissay aiims ke”  project is conducted by the Archives Committee and is exclusively contributed by AOA members. Each author is solely responsible for his/her kissay’s  content. Please contact the authors directly by email (with copy to the Archives Committee Chair at [email protected])  if you have any comments about their kissays.

For any contributions, or questions about this project please contact the Archives Committee.
Archives Committee.


We're are here to help, you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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