Standing Committees

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By-Laws Committees

1991-1994Chair, Surendra Chawla (’59)
Satish Kalhan (’59)
Narendra Tyagi (’62)
Yogendra Upadhyay (‘56)
1994-1996Chair: Surendra Chawla (’59)
Satish Kalhan (’59)
Narendra S. Tyagi (‘62)
Ram P. Wadhwa (‘62)
Yogendra Upadhyay (‘56)
2002-2005Chair: Surendra Chawla (’59)
Satish Kalhan (’59)
Mahendr Kochar (‘61)
Madhu Sudan (’67)

Nominating Committees

1989Mahendr Kochar (’61)
1993-94Mahendr Kochar (’61)
Prabhu Dhalla (‘64)
Shastri Swaminathan (’67)
1994-96Satish Lal (’59), Chair
Shastri Swaminathan (’67)
Prabhu Dhalla (’64)
1996-97Satish Lal (’59), Chair
1997-98Mani Bala (’62), Chair
1998 -2000Kusum Kumar (’66), Chair
Indra Uppal (’66)
Chanda Bewtra (’67)
2000-2002Suvesh Chandiok (’69), Chair
2002-2004Prabhu Dhalla (’64), Chair
Chhanda Bewtra (’67)
2004-2006Vinay Chaudhry (’75), Chair
Prabhu Dhalla (’64)
Chhanda Bewtra (’67)
2006-08Ajay Nehra (’78), Chair
2008-10Narayan Verma (’70), Chair
2010-12Againdra Bbewtra (’61), Chair

Publication Committee,  “Journal of Aiimsonians of America”

1992-1994Pratap Gupta
D. S. Bana
Suvesh Chandiok
1995Pratap Gupta (’65)

Arun Aggarwal (’74)
Sanjiv Bhatia (‘75”
Ajai Jain (’75)
1997Pratap Gupta (’65)
Arun Aggarwal (’74)
Vinita Aggarwal (’75)
Akshay Sood (’85)
2000D. S. Bana (’59)
Pratap Gupta (’65)
2004-05Pratap Gupta (’65)
D. S. Bana (’59)
Aditya Bardia (’97)
Vibha Bardia (’97)
Saurabh Mehta
Davendra Sonal

Annual Convention Committees:

(See separate list of Annual Conventions Venues and Organizers)


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