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President's Message August 2017

Dear friends,
I wanted to bring you up to date on the activities of  AOA.
  1. Last convention in Phoenix Arizona ( Aug. 10-13, 2017 ) was a smashing success. Our congratulations to Dr. Rajeev Agarwal, Chairman of the organizing committee for successful convention. CME program Co chaired by  Drs.V.K Sharma and Vinay Chaudhry was excellent. The topics were tuned  to the current practice environment we live in and were practical.
  2. Dr. Satish Dhalla from class of 1967, was recipient of Keswani Memorial lecture Award.  He gave an superb presentation on “health and happiness”
  3. Dr. Prabha Dhalla ( Class of 1964 ) and Dr. Anju Ohri ( Class of 1973) were chosen  as Alumni of the year. They are dedicated AIIMSonins and fully deserving of this honor.
  4. Among all excellent presentations, Drs. Sanjiv Chopra and Amita Chopra spoke about “Role of leadership” and meditation respectively. The audience loved their presentation. I believe that each presentation deserves recognition.
  5. Friday nights program included Bollywood style presentation. We were all pleasantly surprised to see how the local committee pulled it through but they did. This  displayed the talent of our colleagues which we never knew existed.
  6. 50th batch anniversary ( Class of 67 ) was very well attended. 29 of our class Fellows joined in This was indeed a very moving experience for all. We mingled, reminisced and indeed shared some tears together. Amrit Chopra, Bipin Kumar , Ravi Rajgopalan worked very hard to make this event a success. Kudos to them.
  7. The effort is underway for closer communication with our Alma Mater. Drs. Kumkum and Shalender Bhasin have been working hard to arrange teleconference between Drs. Randeep Gulaeria, Balram Airon, B.D.Gupta to proceed further. We would like to assess as to where the needs are and what we could do for our Alma Mater. We propose scientific and cultural exchange on a regular basis.
  8. Scholarship Awards: This year, we have had significant contribution from the AOA family. $ 1000 was committed by Drs. Adarsh Kumar, B.D.Gupta and Narayan Verma. Donation from B.D.Gupta is for life, and from Drs. Adarsh Kumar and Narayan Verma for at least several more years. Besides, $ 2200 was raised from the members. Starting this year, this sum of money  would be allocated only towards this goal and will be kept separately
  9. Mission Statement: The executive committee will look into it and see if improvements are needed.

The next AOA Convention will be held in Omaha, Nebraska from Aug. 9-12. Please save the dates.  Further information will be forthcoming over next several months.

As always, Please contact any of us in the Exec. Committtee. We are here to serve you.

B.D.Gupta, MD, President                                ( [email protected] )
Rajesh Bajaj, MD, Vice President                     ( [email protected] )
Tarun Ohri, MD, Secretary                              ( [email protected] )
Rajendra Tripathi, MD, Treasurer                    ( [email protected] )
Prem Goel, MD Past president                         ( [email protected] )
Your Humble President


President's Message May 2017

Dear Friends.

Hope that you all had good Holidays over the winter. Spring is in full bloom and we are getting ready for the next Convention.

The 35th Annual Convention of AOA will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. from Aug. 10 th with scheduled departure on Aug. the 13th, 2017. The Hotel rates are very favorable. I thank all those who have made reservations for the Hotel and registered for the convention. For those who have not, please do so prior to cut off dates.
Dr. Rajeev Agarwal is the chairman of the Convention. The organizing committee has put together an excellent program and I can assure you that all age groups will enjoy it. The information has been put on the AOA website and the full brochure will follow.
This year, we celebrate the 50th batch anniversary for the Class of 1967. We expect an excellent turnout.

The discussions regarding Keswani Memorial lecture awardee, Chief Guest/ Guest of honor etc are still ongoing. Details will follow.

We’d like to have greater participation of our junior colleagues. Please share this info. for those who are not our E mail list.
This year, we plan to provide 5-10 travel fellowships. Dr. Aditya Bardia has been working on this issue as he has for past several years. I urge our senior colleagues to contribute to this endeavor.

Web site has been redesigned and is more user friendly. Dr. Munish Sharma has been working hard with the Exec. Committee and local organizing committee towards this goal.

Please bring in your critique, comments and suggestions or better yet, send it to me in advance so that we can discuss at the General body meeting on Saturday.

So my friends, We look forward to seeing you in Arizona. I have been told that it’s very hot at that time but it’s ” Dry Heat ” and that we will be able to tolerate it fine.

As always, Please contact any of us in the Exec. Committee . We are here to serve you.

B.D.Gupta, MD, President ( [email protected] )
Rajesh Bajaj, MD, Vice President ( [email protected] )
Taru Ohri, MD, Secretary ( [email protected] )
Rajendra Tripathi, MD, Treasurer ( [email protected] )
Prem Goel, MD, Past President ( [email protected] )

Your humble President


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